Review : The Big Switch – It’s never too late

The big switch-It's never too late

“The Big Switch- It’s never too late” is a masterpiece authored by John Thomas and published by Notion Press. One of my favourite quote from the book is: The destination is just an illusion. It is the journey that matters.

The book cover and title is so catchy that I couldn’t hold it and bought it. There are many lines which gave me goosebumps and is truly an inspirational booster.

And so here is my review:

Keith a 24-year-old software engineer is struggling hard to make his career bright. But the somewhere inside his heart he felt that he wasn’t meant for this work. His late arrival from work has infected his relationship and unfortunately led to a breakup. This heart breakup created much mess in his life that he was unable to work with full concentration. Eventually, he received a poor appraisal and he lost his interest in his work. He started feeling that he was a misfit in this career. His disinterest grew more and more but his work trip to Bangalore exposed a different direction towards his life. With started working for his dream though the thought “it is too late to start” always bothered him.

Life has thrown many tantrums at him which was always a step towards his destination. A true masterpiece and a must read. If you are struggling to find out your calling or you are unable to understand the current ongoing situation then I just recommend this book as it will work as a motivational booster.

About the author, I would say beautifully written with great narrations and without any glitches. Looking forward to the next masterpiece.

My ratings are: 5/5

Give it a try… You will not regret it. It’s worth reading.

You can buy the book from the link: The big switch : It’s never too late


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