Review : Table for One

Table for one

Table for one” is authored by Neha Bindal and published by Half Baked Beans.

In today’s culture, we are conscious of how others will think or react and in this, we almost forgot to love ourselves. Have you ever witnessed the magic and changes of completely new you when you start loving and exploring yourself?

Well then let’s take a ride to it. So here is Taara with her story on the voyage of self-exploration.

Taara is a single woman and a successful lawyer in her thirties. She has faced many heartbreaks and short-term relationships. Her parents were trying to convince her to meet a guy for marriage to which she agreed only if they will permit her to go on a tour to Europe.

And from here, Taara’s journey started in the quest of searching herself. She travelled alone, explored various destinations, she sang and danced. She dressed up to make herself happy and not to show others. She made some new friends on her journey and met a special person too.
No spoilers!!! Go and grab your copy now.

It’s a different tale of self-exploration, self-love and love of course. Will she trust someone after various breakups and that too in another country? Will she surrender herself in love?

You will strongly feel an urge to visit Europe and I bet Taara’s story will not disappoint you.

About writing style, I can say it is unique and different, easy to understand and you can feel yourself in the character. Apart from this, all the characters are very well woven.

For me, the main attraction was the book cover. It’s amazing and the matte finish added beauty in it. It’s unputdownable.

My ratings for “Table for One”is: 5/5

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