Review : Lovestruck by Prasupta Roy

Lovestruck is authored by Ms


Prasupta Roy and published by half_baked_beans …

So here is my review for the book :

The protagonist Kaatyaani works as a teacher in school. Her life changed when she married to Hemant, another central character of the book. Hemant has bigger dreams and was always concerned about his professional life to achieve his dreams and goals. The love started fading away between them as they couldn’t conceive a baby. The fate changed when emotionally broken and a caged bird Kaatyaani found Siddharth. They found a deep love for each other when life again tossed another move. Hemant got transferred to Bangalore and soon left her wife. Kaatyaani came back to Chennai again. She searched for Siddharth everywhere but couldn’t find while on the other hand, she started focusing on her career in which she excelled. To know what destiny had planned for Kaatyaani and Siddharth go and grab your copy know.

About the author’s debut book “Lovestruck” I would say it has a simple and easy language so no need to keep a dictionary with you. The characters are woven very smoothly. Somewhere you can predict the next happenings but somewhere you can relate it to the real happenings in society especially when it’s a case about the difficulty in conceiving a baby.

Overall the plot is very good and it was interesting too.
My ratings are: 3.5/5

Thank you Half baked beans for sending this review copy of Lovestruck. 😊
Happy readings…

You can buy the book from Amazon and here is the link:

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