Review : I shall always Love You

I shall always love you
I shall always Love You
I shall always Love You

I shall always love you” a romantic thriller written by Shilpa Jain and published by Srishti publications and distributors. Some stories leave a mark on your mind and I suppose this is one of them. Some books hold you, creates a curiosity level about the next happenings, you want to read more but don’t want the story to end. This is one of the best books I have ever read.

So here is my review:

Shiv Sanyal is a celebrated artist who is the only son of Mr Sanyal, a business tycoon. Arjun is his best friend with such great bond which was often miscomprehended as their relationship, besides he was Mr Sanyal’s associate too. Saloni is Shiv’s good friend who thinks that she loves Shiv and always celebrated his breakups, always trying to seek his attention and sometimes seduces him too.

Shiv doesn’t like parties much but on Arjun’s request, he joined the masquerade party. He had a glance over a lady with the scar on her back but missed an opportunity to see her and directed to inquire about the lady. He sculpted a statue thinking about the lady and presented in his exhibition. A critic commented about the statue which was similar to Khajuraho temples carvings and doubted his original work. To know more he went straight to Khajuraho.
He had a dream in which he saw a person named “Rudra” and saw the each and every happening of his life. All the forces directed him about the reincarnation and informed him about the scars he had on his own body too. He started exploring and saw many more associated people with his incarnation.

To know what happened in his past and what is happening to go and grab your copy now.

The story will hold you curious and the smooth shift between the previous life and the present are incredibly written.

I would have rated it 5/5 but I think the cover of the book could be more attractive just like the story.

So my ratings are: 4/5
You can download the book and here is the link:

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